Sand Scoops for Metal Detecting

Price : $61.00

Easily retrieve coins and other metal objects of value from sand or dirt with little effort with this handy scoop.  Just pass over items with your metal detector to find the metal and scoop it out. Sand and loose dirt easily sifts out leaving the metal object. Zinc plated to protect it from rust. This Scoop combines all the benefits of two scoops. It can be used as a short-handled scoop providing better control by merely unscrewing the 18″ extension handle, or as a long scoop allowing user to save undue stress on back muscles due to bending over repeatedly. The short handle is for digging into dirt a little harder than sand or loose dirt. The extra perforations allow the user to sift through sand and loose dirt easier and faster. THIS SCOOP IS NOT DESIGNED FOR STEPPING ON! 

SKU: 00100

This is a convertible scoop that is either long handle or short handle by merely unscrewing the 18″ extension handle to make it into a short one. The long handle
is for soft dirt or sand or when you simply do not want to bend over. The short handle is for digging into hard dirt. Perfect for Coin and Relic hunting.

The bill of the long handle scoop is the first thing that touches the ground, with the perforated holes you immediately start sifting your materials with less effort.

The nut, bolt & washers that secure the handle to the basket are made of stainless steel, so there is no rusting of them together ever.

 Every wire has been welded with no sharp edges.

 5″ grippy rubber grips makes it more comfortable to use & easier to handle in wet conditions.

Zinc plated for durability & rust resistance.

Specifications: 5″ Diameter x 7 1/2″ deep
                           Light 1.85 pounds complete with extension handle 
                          Wire is .063 #2 mesh is 1/2 “squares (a dime will not fall through)