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Join Tom Massie as he takes you on an adventure thoughout the United States on a hunt for earths most treasured metal…..GOLD! 
Tom Travels up the Organ coast, down into the heart of the California Mother Load, and across the states to the rich eastern Gold belt.  In his travels he shares with you his tips and tricks on where to look, how to find it, and how to dig it up.  This episode is filled with history, beautiful scenery, and of course, that yeller stuff called Gold!

8 Disks: No Two Pans Are The Same, Return To The Stanislaus, Experimental Motherload, Gold City Bonanza, Eastern Gold Belt, The Good The Bad And The Gold, Them There Coyote Holes, Bonus Disk- Gold Fever Special Features. 

Special Features:
Bonus Footage
Deleted Scenes
Out Takes
8 Disks Color / 311.5 Minuets

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