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California River Sluice Box with Siphon Flare

Price : $54.00

LE-Trap California River Sluice Box 


Le Trap California River Sluice Box 

Le Trap Sluice Open Ended Sluice Box – Stream Sluice

The le Trap sluice is made of light weight wear-resistant green plastic. 14.5 inches wide and 37.5 inches long but weighs only 2.5 pounds. The riffles are designed with a two-step ramp which allows the sluice to recover fine gold without vibrating or the use of a carpet liner. Designed and manufactured in Canada for decades it is now made in the USA from the original molds.  This is the stream sluice version with a open end at the header.  (Great Back Packing just 2.5 lbs)

Drop Riffle Short #5107 
California Sluice Box is perfect because removing carpet and metal sections are no longer required. This cleans out in seconds, and it catches gold better than most sluices available with almost no gold loss. Made in green durable ABS Plastic, you can’t beat the contrast as the black sands stands out from Gold.  Great Back Packing 

#5106 is 37.5 ” X14.5″    $85.00 

#5107 is 27.5″ X 8.5″      $54.00