The Gold Cube can process thousands of pounds of material and reduce them to ounces in minuets…. Not days. The Gold Cube can retrieve your gold from material gathered from rivers, streams, beaches, crushers and clean-up concentrates, wet or dry, on site or at home. With a 12 Volt pump, the Cube can re-circulate water or pump water directly from a river or stream. The Gold Cube consists of stackable trays (12" x 15" x 5") built of 3/8 inch indestructible LDPE (low density polyethylene) that makes the Gold Cube as tough as a cuttingboard. Each tray weighs only 5 pounds. A basic Gold Cube consists of 3 trays, 1 slick plate tray and 2 separator trays. You can add as many trays as you like depending on your location , it's totally up to you. Put the spoons away and bring out the big scoop…... Gold Cube can handle scoop after scoop. Check out the Gold Banker, Cube Trommel.

4 Stack Deluxe Gold Cube

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3 Stack Deluxe Gold Cube

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Single Tray

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Gold Banker

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Gold Cube Trommel

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