GOLD CUBE which to buy 3 Stack or 4 Stack? There are several factors to consider : sizeand the type of gold you may encounter. With the typical sluice bopx that very flat gold has the tendecy. Size and the type of gold you may encounter. Many gold prospectors with a typical sluice box have witnessed that very flat gold has the tendency to drift or "sail" over riffles. This is because flat gold lends itself to slight current manipulation and water surface tension that allows it to float. The gold Cube design eliminates surface tension in what is called "G-Force Separation", which forces everything below water under a gate. This breaks the surface tension and forces the gold to the bottom of an axial trough. There are some areas where the gold is typically very flat. Keep in mind,it is all about the shape of the gold, and not where it is located. Many placrer areas close to the source have gold that is chunky, roundish, and not flat. If youplan to limit your mining to this type of area, then a 3 stack may be your machine. You can an add a tray. Later, if you decide to go to yhe beach or find a tailings pile with super fine gold. The beach or find a tailingspile with super fine gold. Versatiliy- mine placer, beach, crushed ore, free milling ore, mine dump testing and can be set up in the water or off site recirculation Portability- Modular design for fast setup and easy exit, Fit in the trunk of a car Efficiency- Set it up level, turn on pump, and process 1,000 pounds of 1/8 inch classified material to a few ounces in minuets Durability- Made in America with LDPE (low-density poly) just like your cutting board at home

4 Stack Deluxe Gold Cube

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3 Stack Deluxe Gold Cube

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Single Tray

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Gold Banker

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Gold Cube Trommel

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Tub Flanges

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